"I'm a digital creative innovating on immersive multi-platform narratives."


Be it through illustration, games, or film... I’ve been telling stories my whole life. Whether it’s world-building for a new game, devising characters for an interactive webisode, or writing concepts for a whole new IP - the medium is unimportant to me; it’s rather all about creating the narrative concept.


Exploring narrative in new technologies is bound to lead to innovation, especially within the scope of fruitful collaboration. My role is to find the pathway that balances story, art, science, and technology. Working with partners and on teams allows me to enfranchise others to pioneer new methods and bring a creative vision to life.


Bringing projects to life through concepts and prototyping has always been my strong suit. A history in improv keeps my creative reflexes nimble, allowing me to adapt in a brainstorm.


I’ve led teams both large and small on multiple simultaneous projects. I excel when collaborating with peers, but also mentor staff and empower them to take ownership over their projects.


Working with small teams keeps me in the production phase of any given project, allowing me to dig into details when needed. I definitely take a hands-on approach to art direction; without hovering.

Sleepy Hollow

The challenges of storytelling in virtual reality were only exacerbated by the fact that we were in uncharted territory, and every mis-step was a first; there was nowhere to turn for help.

But this also created conditions that allowed us to pioneer new methods of cinematography in VR, and establish some best practices for how to convey meaningful narrative in a 360 experience.


In order to create a rewarding digital presence for the premiere series of Grojband, I proposed pulling the existing “Wicked Cool Transitions” into the fiction of the show world.

WCTs allow the band to travel between scenes, and our Show Must Go On experience allowed fans to build their own, and even have a chance of seeing it as part of a broadcast episode!

“If at first, the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it.”

The Blacklist

Having access to the sets and cast of NBC’s Blacklist allowed us to script a compelling narrative into our custom personalized tralier website.

Rather than just present the audience with a bit of technical magic, we sowed the narrative of the series premiere into the site deepening the user’s connection to show. Curious fans flocked to the site and helped increase the premiere’s impact.

What Are The Sevens?

At Secret Location we champion story and when it came to redesigning our own website, what better way to expound that than through an interactive short film?

Give it a try, and have your mobile phone handy.


You’re only as good as your last project, so I’m thankful that the four I’ve presented above capture my strongest work. If you’re looking for more case studies, I have a few projects on Behance.


I'm a design director, writer, and illustrator based out of Toronto, Canada with almost twenty years of combined experience working in film/TV animation, games, advertising, and entertainment.

For the last ten years I've worked almost exclusively in the interactive field, acquiring a diverse and comprehensive skill set that allows me to adapt to a variety of situations.

I am currently a Creative Director at Secret Location, where I work with a dedicated and talented team of professionals, pioneering short form narrative across multiple digital platforms.


I began my career almost 20 years ago, working in animation for film, television, and the gaming industries. For the last decade I’ve been working exclusively across digital media platforms, as a visual designer, creative director, conceptual ideator, and team leader.

In Development

Emergent Narrative

Creating meaningful stories in an interactive environment can be a challenge, especially when historical methods fall so flat. I've been engaging the community on this particular subject and challenging others to help develop new processes.

Original IP Series

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with some talented Canadian television and media producers to pitch new series concepts that bridge the space between broadcast and digital.

VR & Mobile Games

Story & narrative aren’t my only passions; I’m also drawn to developing new game systems and have been working with local developers on game projects that range from casual mobile games to immersive virtual reality.

Emmy Awards

Sleepy Hollow VR was awarded with a Creative Arts Emmy in 2015, making it the very first Emmy for a virtual reality experience! Additionally, the interactive episode for NBC’s The Blacklist earned a 2015 International Digital Emmy nomination for Best Digital Program - Fiction.

Canadian Screen Awards

With three wins and eight nominations since 2013, most of the flagship projects I’ve lead have been recognized by our country’s highest honour in entertainment.

FITC Award

In 2014 Grojband: The Show Must Go On took home the Best Web-Based Game award at FITC Toronto, the largest annual digital media event in Canada.

Cannes Lion

Not limited to fictional narrative, the story of one cancer survivor hitchhiking across Canada in his underwear (Stanfield’s Gitchhiker) was shortlisted for a 2014 Cannes Cyber Lion - the digital extension of the prestigious international awards.

Stay In Touch

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